Shah Rukh Khan Shares A Glimpse Of Deepika Padukone’s Look For Pathaan Song Besharam Rang

Pathaan Song Besharam Rang: Shah Rukh Khan Shares A Snapshot Of Deepika Padukone’s Appearance

SRK tweeted, “Besharam Rang ka waqt aa gaya hai… nearly.”

In New Delhi:

The wait for the movie is becoming more and more difficult with each new Pathaan update. Shah Rukh Khan teased his fans on Friday by posting a photo of Deepika Padukone’s outfit from the upcoming film song Besharam Rang. Deepika Padukone is pictured posing in gold swimwear and looking as lovely as ever. SRK tweeted that the song would be released on December 12 after sharing a still from it. cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval chevalgültig cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval “It’s almost time for Besharam Rang, ka waqt aa gaya hai (Besharam Rang is almost here)! Song released on December 12.” Additionally, he tweeted: “On January 25, 2023, Celebrate Pathaan exclusively with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huxhqphtDrM at a theatre near you. released in Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu. Here is a tweet from Shah Rukh Khan:

Later, Deepika Padukone shared a sneak preview at the song’s attire on Instagram with the comment, “Besharam Rang launched on December 12th! On January 25, 2023 a giant screen near you will only broadcast Pathaan. released in Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu.

He always brings a shotgun to the fight, said the text of a recent SRK Pathaan poster released on the official Yash Raj Films Twitter account last week.

Definitely one of the most eagerly anticipated movies of 2023 is Pathaan. The movie is produced by Yash Raj Films and directed by Siddharth Anand. John Abraham and Deepika Padukone both appear in the movie with SRK.

On January 25, 2023, the movie will be released in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. Shah Rukh Khan and John Abraham worked together for the first time on Pathaan. This will be Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan’s fourth joint project. Earlier collaborations between the two included Happy New Year, Chennai Express, and Om Shanti Om, Deepika Padukone’s Bollywood debut.


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